The Unforeseen Consequences of Hope.

Spero is a novella about hope. It's a story about how a father moves the earth to save his daughter. It's also about the inevitable forward-pointing arrow of progress. And it's a story about our unique humane qualities.

This book is a project that allows me to combine several passions. I love everything sci-fi, from Isaac Asimov's short stories to 1984. I enjoy studying what the latest is in technological developments. Understanding people via psychology and behavioural economics also gets me out of bed in the morning. By writing this novella, I hope to combine these interests in a very interesting story.

Spero is part of my 2018 and 2019 goals. Feel free to ask me how it's going in person or online!

Spero v0.2 - Corrections.

23 September 2019

After some great feedback from Onno and Lotte, I've updated Spero to version 0.2. In this update I've mostly updated two chapters, did a full spell-check with Grammarly, and generally went over the book one more time.

Download Spero v0.2

If you wish to give feedback, I would love to hear what you're missing, what is too much, what is unclear, etc.

For now, I will be posting this version online and hope to get some more feedback from others. After a while I will use this feedback to update it once again and maybe see if I want to attempt to get it published somewhere online.

Spero v0.1 - The First End.

07 August 2019

Today marks the day on which I've finished the first complete go of the book. That means that I've written out everything once, and have even corrected some parts. That also means there are still many stylistic and grammatical errors.

Download Spero v0.1

If you wish to give feedback, I would love to hear about the story structure. Examples of tips could be:
"I was missing an explanation/motivation of X"
"In Chapter X I would like to hear more about Y"
"In Chapter X you talk about Y, but this seems to fall out of the air"
"What if you changed the order of X and Y?"

I'm very happy that I've finished the first go. I know there is quite the road ahead with regards to editing. In the end, I will publish a finished version here. If I feel like it, I will also try and submit the story somewhere (for digital publication).