Long-form reads about interesting topics

Eat for Health & Energy

1 January - 20 February 2020

This essay explores my relationship with food and the ways in which I think I can optimize it. It's based on quite some books and experiments. The process is ongoing, but this project has given me a better base to work from.

Financial Independence

21 February - 5 April 2020

Here I research and contemplate on how best to think about my financial situation. A part of this is related to the why (what does money enable), and a large part is also related to time (because that is often juxtaposed to money).

Making Music

9 April - 30 April 2020

I wanted to research how to make (digital) music. The goal was twofold, one to make some cool music, two to appreciate music better by knowing what goes on behind the curtain. I've spent 8 hours on learning some basics, but I've paused this project. I couldn't find the right motivation/drive for it now, and I think I need another course to learn some basics better.

Flexible Weightlifter

22 April - 3 July

This webpage explores my relationship with sports. It presents my current planning, what I've done since starting to track it here, and what I want to achieve. The main addition to my routine is purposeful stretching. See the latter half of the page for some more details.

Effective Altruist

7 July - ongoing

In this essay I plan to write down more of the exact reasoning behind why I'm an effective altruist, and why you can be too. Part of the plan is to add some statistics and other 'gimmicks' so you and I can better visualise it.

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