Public Commitment 2019

It’s the first of January and unlike other years I’ve been quite productive already. I’ve read for about an hour. I worked for an hour or two. Finished my recap of 2018. And spent time with Lotte and had coffee with my mother.

Now let’s see what I will focus on for the rest of the year. As always these are the ‘goals’ and don’t fully reflect all the ongoing daily tasks/habits/etc.

Without further ado, my goals for 2019.

Theme – Year of Connection

In 2019 I plan to find connections between the different parts of information that I’ve gathered in the last 28 years. I want to think more about how my goals are interconnected and can support each other (a thing I realised when reading The Early Retirement Extreme).

One very specific thing I want to do for this is to make my website more easily searchable, make more links between books, and keep on adding knowledge here. Less directly I also want to find more links between books I read and reality (like work). But also between different aspects of life like sports to health, or eating to sports.

Goal 1: Make this website a true personal knowledge hub

In the abstract, I would like to come here every few days and look something up. Concretely, I want to have all the books I’ve read (that I found interesting) summarised here. And continue to add new knowledge the Timeline every few days. And finish moving everything from the old site here (that should be done in a few days time). Another sub-goal I might introduce/work on, is to make 5 essays about topics like longevity, but not at the moment.

Goal 2: Eat good meals that support my well-being 90% of the time

Ok, I think I need to define these terms to keep myself accountable (and explain it more clearly to anyone reading). The ‘good meals’ are meals that I’ve made myself that are not just warming up a pizza or getting something else pre-made. The can also include everything we make at Queal.

The 90% of the time practically means that of the 28 meals (counting small snacks etc as a fourth meal) I can ‘cheat’ 3 times per week. I’ve added this goal to my daily checklist (see Triggers).

Goal 3: Keep on improving my house

Just like last year, I want to make my house even more ‘cool’ and nice to live in. One upgrade I haven’t really talked about is a Roadmi vacuum that is cordless, highly recommended.

In the next few weeks I will get a bathroom upstairs and I have some secrets plans for further improvements to my house too. After that I want to keep looking into automation (e.g. smart lock).

Goal 4: Achieve my fitness goals

The main one here is the 90kg Clean&Jerk. I’m not saying it will be easy, but I think very much achievable. Secondary to that are the following mini-goals:

  • 10% body-fat
  • 52kg Overhead Squat Press
  • Touch my toes
  • 450kg combined on Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift

Goal 5: Write Spero

I just bought Scrivener and plan to take a moment to write every day. I’m not yet familiar enough to know how much and in what way, but I think it’s a good commitment for myself to write every day.

For now, that moment (trigger) will be when I get home from work. And fairly early in the morning during the weekend. I might also take Sunday to not write but plan/work on the plot/do other things related to the book.

And here are some things I want to do less of:

  • Watch YouTube ‘without thinking’. I do want to watch some to relax, so I found a new blocker that still only allows me 5 minutes for Facebook/Reddit/News/etc, and 15 for YouTube. (WasteNoTime)
  • Spend money without benefit. This applies both to the supermarket (think energy drinks without having to pull an allnighter) and the ‘going-out’ category. One implementation towards this goal is to only go to the supermarket when I have a plan what to buy. Otherwise, it will just be Queal for dinner.
  • Do ‘good’ things instead of  ‘great’ or nothing. By this, I mean doing things for Queal that have no large benefit or committing myself to something which won’t make me significantly happier. I value my own time too much for that and really like doing things in the ‘nothing’ category (e.g. reading a book).

That is about it at the moment. I might revisit the goals in the near-future, but I’m quite content with what I’ve written down.