The Miracle of Self-Discipline

This one of the (small) books that Brian Tracy has written. I guess that it’s good to learn these things when you start with goal-setting. But please read Triggers instead. I believe that it’s about building the right systems and that self-discipline as a skill or as a mental habit that you can will into existence¬†is overrated.

Seeing the points below I do think that most are valid and with only about 1,5 hours of audiobook, he doesn’t beat around the bush.


Here are some points from another review:

Nine disciplines:
1. Clear-thinking
*** Fast decisions are usually wrong decisions
*** Chunk off large amounts of time for thinking
*** Think on paper; write it all out
*** Wisdom = Experience + Reflection (Confucius)
*** Keep your thinking open

2. Daily Goal-Setting
*** Focus and concentration are indispensable to success
*** If you cannot focus and concentrate, then you will have to work for someone else… who will make you focus and concentrate, who will supervise you.
*** Never work on less than 10 goals per year.
*** Write these goals in a spiral notebook every morning and reprogram your mind every day.

3. Daily Planning
*** Every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution
*** Just keep working your plan
*** Discipline yourself not to do things of low-value
*** Daily eliminate/delegate any task which does not have serious consequences that only you can do
*** Start your A-1 task first every morning and stay with it until that task is done

4. Courage
*** Force yourself to do what you know you should do
*** Practice courage whenever courage is required

5. Excellent Health
*** Start off with a clear picture of your perfect body
*** Exercise every day

6. Saving & Investing
*** “Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Albert Einstein
*** 2/3 of success in investing and business is avoiding making mistakes

7. Hard work
*** Work all the time you work. Don’t waste a single minute.

8. Continuous Learning
*** Read in your field daily
*** The more you learn, the more you earn

9. Persistence
*** Drive yourself forward to complete your tasks 100%
*** Persistence is self-discipline in action
*** “Persistence is to the character of a man like carbon is to steel.” – Napolean Hill
*** Your persistence is your measure of your belief in yourself.