Public Commitment 2021 – Recap

The last year didn’t go well with regard to my goals.

Because of a lot of different circumstances, I spent very little time reflecting on the goals I made and working towards them.

Though covid didn’t have a personal impact on me per se (I did catch it, but next to the loss of smell for a few days, had no other negative consequences), the time of being at home the whole time didn’t positively influence me.

I won’t bore you, the reader, with too much detail, here is a mini recap of the goals I set.

Goal 1: Write something every day

I’ve kept up with writing and actually produced a report of 200 pages in the summer, I didn’t write each day. It’s something that I do want to do most days and hopefully will get to in another form with my 2022 public commitment.

Goal 2: Promote my work

This is something I haven’t done enough of when I look back. Still, something that I aspire to do and could take more action on. For Blossom, there will be a lot of promotional activities coming up, and there is much to read and learn about this process.

Seen differently, it’s being proud of what you’ve made and sharing this with a wider audience so they can benefit (and possibly buy some services from you).

Goal 3: Meditate daily

I might have dropped off somewhere, but for the last 3-4 months, I’ve been meditating each morning.

Goal 5: Learn three songs on the harmonica

Alas, I let this one go and don’t foresee myself picking it up again soon.

Goal 6: Add 2 features to this website

The dark mode is here; no other features were implemented.

Goal 7: Improve my learning process

Here is also room for improvement.

I have updated my work-day scheduling and end of the work day process.

Goal 8: Move more money towards effective charities

Not something I actively accomplished. I did donate quite a bit, and the final number should be on the EA page.

Goal 9 (new): Achieve the elusive six-pack

I did work on this and did a photoshoot at the end of September/beginning of October.

Feel free to ask me about the pictures.