Public Commitment 2020 – Update 1

This year my theme is Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know, and apply/improve/renew it to build more new things.

The two big things that have come out of the first quarter are the two essays:

I’m happy with how the blogs have turned out.

As feedback for myself, I would say that I was way more focused on the first blog (spending upwards of an hour per day on it, on many days). Whilst for the second blog I needed quite some time to get started. I think that if that happens again, I should use my bi-weekly reminder as a real decision point, to continue or switch topics.

In the coming quarter I will continue to work on new topics. The next one I plan to tackle is to make some music myself (on the laptop). After that I will see again.

Now onto the goals.

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

This is on hold until later this year. I will maybe write a short story as a one-day project this quarter.

Goal 2: Improve this website

I’m really happy with the changes I’ve made recently. The website now looks much better with some ‘cards’ that display where I’m at with certain topics and themes. Check out the homepage to see more.

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Not happened yet, but I did install Sims 4 and Lotte is really happy with that (and instantly addicted).

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

Two down, 4 more to go. I can say that I like the essay form and it enables me to think longer about a problem and connect more things (and link back where necessary and reread some of my notes on that topic).

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

You can check out the progress/projects under this venture at Blossom Act.

I’m still really in a creator-mode (making sure everything works), but soon I will start going into promotion/connection mode (and of course these things overlap). I’ve made some good connections already and will try and actively engage even more the coming months.

Next to the things that are live now, I’ve also had even more ideas and over time I think I can really keep working on Blossom for 10 years or even a lifetime (70 years).

Alright, that is it for this update. Check back with you next time.