Public Commitment 2016 – Q3

Based on my goals for 2016 I’ve made the following goals for the next 3 months (Q3).

These goals are more concrete and the continuing goals (i.e. habits) are not listed.

If you want to join in for any of the goals, please let me know via email, facebook or LinkedIn!


I double the revenue of my combined businesses

  • Focus Queal on growth in September (weekly sessions with outside help)
  • Restart sales for Jerky Empire
  • Launch a new product for Queal
  • Reach 100 paying customers Psychostudent
  • Restart StudS
  • Multiple clients for LPaW


I share 3 quality blogs (on average) per week

  • On my own blog
  • And update all bio-related info


I build my knowledge wall

  • I read 15 books
  • I map my knowledge areas


I am under 12% body fat

  • I drink only occasionally
  • I do sports 3+ times a week
  • I fast for 24 hours per week
  • I binge for 24 hours per week


I raise Max

  • I go on puppy training in August
  • I am present whenever he needs me

I go on 2 vacations

  • One long vacation (planned: India, Leh)
  • One short vacation (tbd)


I will structure my coaching effort

  • I make a weekly schedule for calls/meetings
  • I set goals and manage expectations

I will grow the EA team

  • Find a team on EUR
  • Promotional member EA

I blog for ITM 1x per week

  • Share entrepreneurial-life knowledge


I do a weekly session

  • Recap, Goals, Finances, Planning

I do a daily session

  • Exercise, Recap, Plan, Meditate


Alright, that’s it again. The goals for Q3 are set.

This time I’ve used an empty a4 paper and looked at the connection between goals to find synergies. For instance, the vacation helps me rest and think strategically about business. And sport gives me energy for being an entrepreneur (etc.).

I’ve also reduced the amount of (top-level) goals, so they are clearer and fit together better.

And I’ve made a poster again (because not looking at one really makes you lose focus)!