Futuristic Novels

Since not long ago I’ve become captivated by futuristic novels.

The three that I’ve read are The Martian by Andy Weir, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and I Robot by Isaac Asimov.

Visions of the Future

Each novel presents us with a different future, some more realistic than the others. What I love about them is that they present us with a mirror. Not a mirror for looking back, but a mirror for looking forward.

In The Martian, we are asked the question of how far humanity will go to save a man. In I Robot we are presented with many of the dilemma’s we will face (or are already facing) with artificial intelligence.

And at the same time, they showcase very human skills. When reading The Martian I was struck by the ingenuity of the main character and how much he wanted to live. And in Ready Player One, I couldn’t put down the book because I was rooting so badly for the underdog to win.

Broadening the Horizon

Above everything else, futuristic novels have broadened my horizon. They help me understand that there are many possible futures. And they have taught me that shaping that future is very much in our own hands.

Of course, these books are only but a few of the books available that broaden our horizon. If you have any book suggestions (futuristic or not) please leave them in the comments below.