Forever Learning

When most people graduate they stop learning. It has been fun (or not) and now that you’re an adult, why should you keep on studying?

One Career

When you get your first job it’s very likely that you will learn skills on the job. But when I’m confronted with people who’ve been in the same job for years, I feel like I could just as easily been speaking to their 20 years younger version. They’ve become compliant and lack the incentive to learn.

Not only in work do I see that people stop learning. Even in my own life I regularly take my knowledge for granted. I can swim as fast as years ago and new cooking recipes are few and far between.

Changing World

That’s a problem.

The world is changing at an exponential pace (more on this in a later post). Our computers become smarter every day, jobs get automated. Whole industries get uprooted and many people lose their jobs.

Humans need not apply.

Keep on Learning

One remedy against becoming a victim of this changing world is to have a wide base of knowledge.

This has two distinct advantages. The first is that you have a wider understanding of the world and everything in it. The second is that you learn to see how concepts between industries/jobs/interests are linked.

By continuing to learn you can make yourself more future-proof.

And it can be fun, just listen to John Green (author, vlogger, awesome):

Here are some more educational YouTube channels I like:

CrashCourse – Animated courses (on anything from Psychology to World History)

TED – Sharing ideas

CGP Grey – Animated explanations

Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell

MinutePhysics – Physics explained

Numberphile – Math quirks

Periodic Videos – Periodic Table

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